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Thread: Profit Hunters October, 15- November, 2

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    Elder Analyst Danil's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
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    Default Profit Hunters October, 15- November, 2

    The winner of the contest “Profit Hunters October, 15 – November, 2”, which starts on October, 15, will receive more than $1000. The competition is held on demo-accounts. On the 1st day of the contest each participant will receive $5000. The winner will be the trader with the biggest capital at the end of the competition.

    In order to participate in the contest, you have to open a trading account at FXOpen and apply for the competition. By the way, the entry fee in that contest is only $6. And all participants with profit of at least 10% will receive cash bonuses to their accounts.

    The prize fund consists of participants’ entry fees. The more people participate – the bigger the prize fund will be. Also, FXOpen provides $3700 for prizes and bonuses.

    The main advantage of the contest – rivalry here is less than in a free one. So, there are more chances to get the main prize – more than $1000!

    Don’t miss your chance and participate in the contest!

    Key dates:
    October, 14 – deadline for applying for participation;
    October, 15 – the contest starts;
    November, 2 – the contest ends;
    November, 5 – summarizing and calculating prizes and bonuses

    There are 3 prizes:
    1st place - $1056 +88% from all entry fees + bonus;
    2nd place - $96 +8% from all entry fees + bonus;
    3rd place - $48 +4% from all entry fees + bonus;
    All participants with profit of more than 10% will get cash bonuses.

    Terms of the contest:
    • Entry fee is $6;
    • Start-up deposit of $5000 and a leverage 1:100 are provided;
    • Currency pairs:28;
    • Lots: from 0.1 to 1 (one order can be opened with 1 lot maximum);
    • Maximum number of orders (including pending ones):5;
    • Advisors are allowed;
    • Lock is prohibited.

    All participants should leave at least one message in the forum.

    Important Notice:

    Prize ≠ Bonus (prize and bonus are two different concepts)

    Withdrawal of bonuses
    Bonuses can be withdrawn once you complete the requirements: no earlier than in 30 days. Also you can made at least 20 trades of 10 minutes each one;

    Withdrawal of prizes
    1. The main prize is available for opening a PAMM ECN account only. If you want to withdraw it, you will be able to do it in 3 months and after 60 trades. All profit you can withdraw whan you want to
    2. Prizes for secons and third places can be withdrawn at any time, in other words, after receiving prize money to your trading account, you can withdraw it through any payment system available at FXOpen

    is available only for authorized users of ForexCup.com

    Participant’s Guide

    1. Go to Open a Live Account , choose the “Personal” account type and fill out the form to receive login details for www.forexcup.com (more...);

    2. Go to Open micro trading account, on which your bonuses and prizes will be transferred.

    3. You have to replenish your eWallet account (main) through any available way.

    4. Log on to www.forexcup.com with your registered e-mail and the MyFXOpen password (the details you received after the registration);

    5. Join a ForexCup competition;

    6. Download and install the Meta Trader 4 trading terminal (download);

    7. Run Meta Trader 4 on your computer;

    8. Select File > Login in the Meta Trader 4 and enter the number and trader’s password for your ForexCup competition demo account.

    How to Join a Competition

    1. Log on to your personal area on www.forexcup.com with your registered e-mail and MyFXOpen password

    2. It's necessary to specify your trading account, on which your bonuses and prizes will be transferred. This feature allows you to start trading on Forex with real money instantly after competition finish.

    3. Click link Registration

    4. Scroll a little bit up and click Save and Accept to confirm your choice.

    If there is not enough money in your trading account, you will see a message:

    In such a situation you have to open My FXOpen and replenish your eWallet. After that you have to re-register in the contest

    5. After successful confirmation, you will receive an e-mail with your MT4 login details: login number, password and trading server address.

    Set up of the trading platform MT4

    You have to start MetaTrader. If you haven't got it yet, you can download it here.
    Click "File" in the horizontal tab and "Login" in the appeared window.

    When the next window appears, you have to insert login, password and server mentioned in the letter.
    Your account will be available only during contest's days.

    Bonus Terms:

    The bonus payable to a trader’s real trading account is equal to one percent (1%) of the profit gained.

    For example, if a trader earns $ 5000, a $ 50 bonus will be deposited to his account.

    However, there are some limitations:

    - The amount of bonus for one trader cannot exceed $ 250;

    - Bonus can be withdrawn via any payment system available at FXOpen after making 20 trades (minimum of 10 minutes per trade). You can withdraw the bonus after 30 calendar days since the date it was paid to you. Before withdrawing the bonus you must make at leat 1 forum post in the ForexCup Competition thread in our Forum.

    The total amount of all bonuses in the competition cannot exceed $ 800. If the budget is exceeded we will reduce the bonuses based on the difference between the actual sum of all bonuses and our budget.

    For example, if at the end of the competition the sum of all bonuses payable to all traders is $ 1 000, the total sum of bonuses will be reduced by $ 200 ($ 1000 - $ 800 = $ 200).

    The formula for bonus calculation:

    Bonus = (1% of profit) * Planned Budget / Actual Budget, where

    Profit - the actual profit earned by particular trader

    Planned Budget = it is $ 2500 for this particular competition

    Actual Budget = the sum of all bonuses payable to all traders at the end of the competition

    Good Luck!

    Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail ([email protected]) or use FXOpen Live Chat to get immediate assistance.
    Last edited by Danil; 09-27-2012 at 01:25 PM.

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    Elder Analyst Danil's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
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    Market Maker ngepet dolar euro's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
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    Versi Indonesiahttp://forum.fxopen.com/showthread.p...12#post1131212
    [Spoiler]Pemengan kompetisi "Profit Hunter 15 Oktober - 2 November 2012", yang akan di mulai pada tanggal 15 Oktober akan mendapatkan hadiah sebesar $1000. Kompetisi akan diadakan di demo akun. Pada hari pertama kompetisi setiap peserta akan mendapatkan start up modal sebesar $5000. Pemenang adalah trader dengan jumlah modal terbesar di akhir kompetisi ini.

    Untuk dapat berpartisipasi di kontes ini Anda harus membuka sebuah akun trading di FXOpen dan mendaftarkan diri di kompetisi tersebut. Biaya registrasi untuk kontes ini hanya $6. Dan setiap peserta yang berhasil mendapatkan profit sekurang kurangnya 10% akan mendapatkan hadiah uang cash di akun tradingnya.

    Hadiah kompetisi ini terdiri dari total biaya registrasi peserta kontes. Makin banyak peserta kontes maka akan semakin banyak hadiah yang bisa Anda dapatkan. Selain itu, FXopen menyediakan $3700 sebagai sponsor hadiah dan bonus.
    Keunggulan utama dari kompetisi ini adalah tingkat persaingan yang lebih sedikit dari kontes gratisan. Jadi peluang untuk mendapatkan hadiah utama semakin besar - Lebih dari $1000

    Jangan lewatkan kesempatan untuk berpartisipasi di kompetisi ini.

    Tanggal Penting.
    14 Oktober : deadline pendaftaran
    15 Oktober : Kontes start
    2 November : Kontes berakhir
    5 Novembe : pengumuman dan perhitungan hadiah dan bonus

    Ada 3 hadiah utama :
    Juara 1 - $1056 +88% total biaya registrasi yang terkumpul +bonus;
    Juara 2 - $96 +8% dari total biaya registrasi yang terkumpul +bonus
    Juara 3 - $48 +4% dari total biaya registrasi yang terkumpul + hadiah
    Semua peserta yang berhasil mendapatkan profit lebih dari 10% akan mendapatkan bonus uang cash.

    [Peraturan Kompetisi:
    • Biaya registrasi $6
    • Start-Up deposit $5000 dan leverage 1:100
    • Pair mata uang :28;
    • Lots dari 0.1- 1 (ukuran lots maximum untuk 1 order adalah 1 lots)
    • Total order yang dapat di buat dalam waktu bersamaan (termasuk pending order) : 5
    • EA boleh digunakan
    • Locking dilarang

    Setiap peserta harus meninggalkan sekurang kurangnya 1 pesan di forum

    Pengumuman penting:
    Hadiah ≠ bonus (hadiah dan bonus adalah konsep yang berbeda)

    Widrawal bonus
    bonus dapat di widrawn seteleh Anda memenuhi persyaratan: tidak kurang dari 30 hari sejak bonus di terima. Selain itu Andah ahrus membuat 20 kali trading 10 menit setiap Open posisi.

    Widrawal hadiah
    1. Hadiah utama hanya tersediah untuk akun PAMM ECN. Hadiah dapat ditarik setelah 3 bulan dan melakukan trading sekurang kurangnya 60 trades. Semua profit dapat di widrawn jika Anda menginginkannya.
    2. Hadiah untuk juara kedua dan ketiga dapar di widrawn setiap saat, dengan kata lain setelah mendapatkan uang hadiah di akun trading anda, Anda dapat mewidrawn uang tersebut melalui payment sistem yang ada di FXOPen.

    Hanya tersedia untuk pengguna terdaftar di ForexCup.com

    Panduan Peserta
    1. Pergi ke Buka Live Account, pilih "Personal" jenis account dan mengisi formulir untuk menerima rincian login untuk ForexCup Kompetisi Reguler Forex Trading Demo dengan Hadiah Tunai (more. ..);
    2. Pergi ke membuka rekening trading mikro, di mana bonus dan hadiah akan ditransfer.
    3. Log on ke ForexCup Kompetisi Forex Trading Demo Reguler dengan Hadiah Tunai dengan terdaftar e-mail Anda dan password MyFXOpen (rincian yang Anda terima setelah pendaftaran);
    4. Bergabung dengan kompetisi ForexCup;
    5. Download dan install Meta Trader 4 terminal perdagangan (download);
    6. Jalankan 4 Meta Trader pada komputer Anda;
    7. Pilih File> Login di Meta Trader 4 dan masukkan nomor dan password trader untuk akun demo ForexCup Anda kompetisi.

    Cara Bergabung di Kompetisi Profit Hunte

    1. Login ke personal area Anda di www.Forexcup.com menggunakan email registrasi dan password MYFXOPEN anda.

    2. Anda harus menentukan secara trading akun yang akan Anda gunakan, uang bonus dan hadiah akan ditransfer ke trading akun tersebut. Featurer ini memungkinkan Anda untuk trading dengan uang real secara langsung di pasar forex setelah kompetisi berakhir.

    3. Klik link Registration
    4. Scroll sedikit ke atas dan klik Save and Accept untuk mengkonfirmasi pilihan Anda.

    Jika situasi ini terjadi Anda harus membuka My FXOpen dan mengganti ewallet Anda. Setelah itu Anda harus melakukan registrasi ulang untuk mengikuti kompetisi ini.
    5. Jika ANda sukses melakukan konfirmasi, Anda akan medapatakan balasan email yang berisi detail login ke MT4 anda : nomor login, password dan trading server.

    Set Up Platform MT4 Anda

    Anda harus menjalankan Meta trader Anda. Jika belum memiliki Metatrader silahkan download disini.
    Klik "File" di tab horisontal dan pilih menu login yang di tampilkan di window baru

    Saat windows berikutnya terbuka, Anda harus memasukan login password dan server yang Anda dapatkan di email.
    Akun Anda hanya tersedia selama kompetisi berlangsung.

    Persyaratan Bonus

    Bonus dibayarkan ke account real trading trader adalah sama dengan satu persen (1%) dari laba yang diperoleh.

    Sebagai contoh, jika seorang trader mendapatkan $ 5000, bonus $ 50 akan disetorkan ke rekening.

    Namun, ada beberapa keterbatasan:

    - Jumlah bonus untuk satu trader tidak bisa melebihi $ 250;

    - Bonus dapat ditarik melalui sistem pembayaran yang tersedia di FXOpen setelah membuat 20 perdagangan (minimal 10 menit per perdagangan). Anda dapat menarik bonus setelah 30 hari kalender sejak tanggal itu dibayarkan kepada Anda. Sebelum penarikan bonus Anda harus membuat di leat 1 posting forum di thread Kompetisi ForexCup di Forum kami.

    Jumlah total dari semua bonus dalam kompetisi tidak bisa melebihi $ 800. Jika anggaran tersebut melebihi kita akan mengurangi bonus berdasarkan selisih antara jumlah yang sebenarnya dari semua bonus dan anggaran kami.

    Misalnya, jika di akhir kompetisi jumlah semua bonus yang dibayarkan kepada semua pedagang adalah $ 1 000, jumlah total bonus akan berkurang sebesar $ 200 ($ 1000 - $ 800 = $ 200).

    Rumus perhitungan bonus:

    Bonus = (1% dari laba) Anggaran * Terencana / Anggaran Aktual, di mana

    Laba - laba aktual yang diperoleh oleh pedagang tertentu

    Rencana Anggaran = itu adalah $ 800 untuk kompetisi tertentu

    Anggaran Realisasi = jumlah semua bonus yang dibayarkan kepada semua trader di akhir kompetisi


    Jika masih ada pertanyaan silahkan hubungi kami melalui emai ([email protected]) atau gunakan Live Chat FXOpen untuk bantuan realtime.
    Last edited by ngepet dolar euro; 09-27-2012 at 04:01 PM.

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    Market Maker haniam's Avatar
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    French Version:

    I kindly ask all French speaking participants to post their questions, annotations and results in the French forum.
    You can find all related information, and a French translation of this subject, in the following thread:

    +660 pips in December, +385 pips in January, +910 pips in February, +910 pips in March, +445 pips in April +4
    85 pips
    in May.

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    Moderator cool user mannon's Avatar
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    The only thing standing between you and your goal is the BS story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it .

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    Elder Analyst Danil's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
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    Please, note that advisors are allowed in that contest

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    Kick OUT ALL Spammer
    I KnOw YoU HaTE ME

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    let's joint show ourskill how make profit in forex market ,in this competision

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    In Profit
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    Jan 2012
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    $6 entry fee for an opportunity to win up to $1000 and %10 performance would win prizes it is worth giving a try

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    In Profit cesar's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
    Saenz Peña, Argentina
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    Translated to spanish too...

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    Market Maker ilearn2t's Avatar
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    Hello Danil

    Hope to join in the fun very soon, these contests are truly a great success for FXOpen and all the members of this forum who wish to partake in them.

    Good luck

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    Market Maker ilearn2t's Avatar
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    Sep 2008
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    Hello Danil

    Managed to made it on time, count me in.

    Competition Name: Profit Hunters October, 15- November, 2
    Room Name: ROOM 1
    Login: 4701xx
    Password: xxxxxxx
    Server Address: competition.fxopen.com:443
    Good luck

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    Elder Analyst Danil's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
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    A paid contest "Profit Hunters October, 15- November, 2" started today

    It is the 1st time when 77 users are participating in the paid contest. The advantage of the tournament is a law competition. And the main prize is more than $1000. That's really a great reward! All the more, the winner will become a manager of a PAMM ECN account - and this is the great start in Forex trading.

    By the way, all participants with profit of at least 10% will ger cash bonuses to their accounts. So, successful traders are able not only to get back their entry fee but also - to earn!

    The name of the winner we will know on November, 2. We wish all participants great profit!

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    penaltev (10-15-2012)

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