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Thread: Terms of Lottery FXOpen (free)

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    Default Terms of Lottery FXOpen (free)

    Participations rules of lottery FXOpen (free):

    To participate in the lottery, the forum participant should leave the post in the FXOpen Lottery (free) topic with the nickname and quotation for closing the BTCUSD day (digits after the dot are not taken into account).

    Users who do not have 100 forum posts have the right to participate in the lottery.

    Forecasts are accepted from 00:00 to 15:00 (FXOpen terminal time) daily.

    To win the lottery, you need to guess the closing rate of the day of BTCUSD in the range +/- 10p. Bid the price of the merchant server (ecn.fxopen.net:443 or real1.fxopen.net:443). This trading tool can be found on the FXOpen crypto accounts in the Market Overview tab (Show all symbols).

    In case of same with a guess of two or more participants, wins the participant published the forecast first.

    The scheme of distribution of winning:
    12.5% 12.5% 50% 12.5% 12.5%
    50% of the bank gets the winner
    12.5% receive participants published forecasts near winner in range (+/- 2 forecast).

    With an increase in the volatility of BTCUSD, the range of hits increases, and then the principle of distribution of the prize fund:

    When Jack Pot reaches a value of $ 100, the range of hits increases to +/- 100 points.

    When Jack Pot reaches $ 200, the hit range increases to +/- 1000 points.

    If the range is increased to +/- 1000 points, the participant wins by making a more accurate prediction.

    If there is no winner , the prize pool goes to the next draw, thereby forming "Jack pot
    ". If the not contenders for the prize for the winner getting into the range of 50% of the prize pool goes to the next draw.

    Note! The necessary condition for winning the lottery is to write two posts (related to the topic) until 17:00 by the time of the terminal FXOpen on the day when you make your prediction. Ask the competition moderator in which section you have to post. Please, write the posts in different threads of the section.

    Placing the multiple guesses from a different forum id’s from one user is prohibit which may can results in a (ban).

    The prize Fund of the lottery 5$ + Jack Pot (maximum 40$ to enrollment)

    For the right to receive a prize at the forum of the competition, you must leave the post of information on one of the thematic resources (contests and promotions) as well as Like in any of the forums or social networks to choose from:

    google +

    Since FXOpen pages in social networks are also a thematic resources. They are suitable for posting.

    For every $ 10 bonus prize-winner must leave 1 post + 1 like. At least 1 post +1 Like if a prize sum of less than $ 10 but more than 1$.

    Reports posts and likes send Moderators. If the nickname is different from what you are using on the forum FXOpen. You need to specify it.

    The contest winner passes the next contest week. The participant who published the bid (and did not delete the forecast until the moment of summarizing) in the week passes misses two weeks in the place of one.

    Discussion of the lottery FXOpen (free)

    The Administration FXOpen

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